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Chapter 260-12 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF260-12-020To whom rules apply.
HTMLPDF260-12-040Every license is conditioned on licensee enforcing and observing the rules of racing.
HTMLPDF260-12-050When are race dates required to be submitted for approval?
HTMLPDF260-12-070The commission may refuse to issue license—Criteria.
HTMLPDF260-12-080Assignment of license—Racing days.
HTMLPDF260-12-100Laws and rules supersede race conditions.
HTMLPDF260-12-110Commission's right of entry.
HTMLPDF260-12-115Parimutuel equipment subject to approval.
HTMLPDF260-12-120Commission offices and personnel.
HTMLPDF260-12-145Persons bound by laws and rules.
HTMLPDF260-12-150Denial of admission to grounds—Suspended persons and horses.
HTMLPDF260-12-180Safety equipment required.
HTMLPDF260-12-210Post time of first race.
HTMLPDF260-12-220Race conditions to be provided.
HTMLPDF260-12-230Information to be filed before opening a race meet.
HTMLPDF260-12-235Accepted conditions of race meeting.
HTMLPDF260-12-250Problem gambling information sign must be posted.
HTMLPDF260-12-260Disposition of Class C purse funds due to the cancellation of races.
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