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PDFWAC 250-83-060

Institutional incentive grant to provide student support services.

Institutional incentive grants are grant payments to institutions based on satisfactory student performance. The payment is available only to institutions agreeing to provide specified student support services.
Institutional participation in the passport incentive grant is voluntary. An otherwise eligible student can receive a passport scholarship to attend an eligible college even if the institution does not participate in the incentive grant option.
For the 2008-09 academic year, and to the extent that funds are allotted for this purpose, the amount of each incentive grant payment will be equal to five hundred dollars per successful student per quarter or seven hundred fifty dollars per semester. The payment amounts in succeeding years will be determined annually.
Participating institutions will meet the following criteria:
(1) Include on their applications for admission or on their registration materials a question asking whether the applicant has been in foster care in Washington state for at least one year since his or her sixteenth birthday. All other institutions of higher education, whether participating in the incentive grant or not, are strongly encouraged to include this question on their admission application.
(2) Have a viable plan. The scope of a viable plan is one that generally:
(a) Identifies those students eligible for assistance under this program;
(b) Tracks and enhances academic progress of eligible students;
(c) Addresses their unique needs for assistance during school vacation and academic interims; and
(d) Links eligible students to appropriate sources of assistance in their transition to adulthood.
At a minimum, each institution's viable plan will:
(i) Designate campus support staff;
(ii) Provide a comprehensive financial aid package taking into account available federal, state, institutional and private funding that, to the extent possible, meets the student's financial need;
(iii) Build a lasting institutional commitment to serve current and former foster youth; and
(iv) As appropriate, communicate with social services and independent living providers.
(3) Institutions choosing to participate will sign an addendum. The addendum to the state student financial aid participation agreement specifies the services that are to be provided through the institution's viable plan.
(4) Institutions may receive incentive grants for the:
(a) Student's initial enrollment at the institution.
(b) Student's enrollment in subsequent terms providing satisfactory progress was maintained for the previous term.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.76.500. WSR 08-15-160, ยง 250-83-060, filed 7/23/08, effective 8/23/08.]
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