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PDFWAC 250-66-020

Program definitions.

(1) "Public institution of higher education" or "state-supported institution of higher education" shall mean all Washington state-operated, public, four-year universities, The Evergreen State College, community colleges, and technical colleges.
(2) "Independent college or university" shall mean any private, nonprofit educational institution, the main campus of which is permanently situated in the state, open to residents of the state, providing programs of education beyond the high school level leading at least to the baccalaureate degree, and accredited by the northwest association of schools and colleges and other institutions as may be developed that are approved by the higher education coordinating board as meeting equivalent standards as those institutions accredited by the northwest association of schools and colleges.
(3) "State-funded research universities" shall mean the university of Washington and Washington state university.
(4) "Washington institution(s) of higher education" shall mean any of the state-supported, public four-year colleges and universities, public two-year community and technical colleges, and qualifying independent colleges and universities as defined in subsection (2) of this section.
(5) "Board" means the higher education coordinating board. When a duty or responsibility of the board is referenced in these regulations, the authority needed to discharge that responsibility lies with the executive director or his or her designee.
(6) "Washington resident" shall mean any individual who satisfied the requirements of WAC 250-18-020 through 250-18-060 and any board-adopted rules and regulations pertaining to the determination of residency.
(7) "Waiver of tuition and service and activities fees." Students who received their Washington state scholars awards prior to June 30, 1994, and who choose to attend a public institution of higher education as defined in subsection (1) of this section, and who meet all other eligibility requirements, shall be eligible for a full waiver of tuition and services and activities fees at any Washington public institution of higher education.
(8) "Grant(s)" shall mean payments made to eligible Washington scholars and Washington scholars alternates from moneys appropriated to the board for this purpose.
(9) "Regular academic year" shall mean fall and spring semester at institutions operating on the semester system, or fall, winter, and spring quarter at institutions operating on the quarter system.
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