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PDFWAC 250-24-070


Definitions used in relation to the program.
(1) Institution. An independent or private institution of higher education accredited by the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools.
(2) Washington resident (ESB 594), chapter 273, Laws of 1971 ex. sess. the term "resident student" shall mean a student who has had a domicile in the state of Washington for the period of time required for voting for state officials in this state at the time of commencement of the semester or quarter for which he has registered at any institution and has established an intention to become a bona fide domiciliary of this state for other than education purposes.
(3) An eligible full-time student. An undergraduate resident student pursuing a minimum of twelve credit hours, or the equivalent thereof, and not pursuing a degree in theology. For the purposes of this program, a degree in theology shall be a degree designated as a bachelor of religion, bachelor of theology, or bachelor of divinity.
[Order 1-71, ยง 250-24-070, filed 2/8/72.]
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