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Chapter 250-24 WAC

Last Update: 5/1/72


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF250-24-010Purpose of the tuition supplement grant program.
HTMLPDF250-24-020Statutory authorization.
HTMLPDF250-24-030General administration.
HTMLPDF250-24-040Grant determination.
HTMLPDF250-24-050Grant application and award.
HTMLPDF250-24-060Refund procedures.


Purpose of the tuition supplement grant program.

Based upon the responsibility of this state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, and recognizing the contributions made to the educational level of the citizens of this state by the independent and private institutions of higher education in Washington, the program provides a tuition supplement grant not to exceed $100 per annum to each undergraduate resident attending accredited independent or private institutions of higher education within the state.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-010, filed 2/8/72.]


Statutory authorization.

In accordance with Engrossed Senate Bill 419, chapter 56, Laws of 1971 ex. sess. of the Washington state legislature, the council on higher education is directed to develop and administer a state plan to provide a tuition supplement program.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-020, filed 2/8/72.]


General administration.

The name and address of the state agency responsible for the administration of the program is: The Council on Higher Education, 1020 East Fifth Street, Olympia, Washington 98504.
Each institution enrolling students participating in this program is to submit to the state council on higher education, each year on or before July 1, the name of the office and specific person to be the sole contact for administration of the tuition supplement program.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-030, filed 2/8/72.]


Grant determination.

(1) The council will determine the allocation of the appropriation for each year of the biennium, recognizing that the objective is to make substantially equal grants per student in each year of the biennium.
(2) The full amount of the grant will be disbursed in the fall term.
(3) Each institution will estimate the number of eligible Washington residents who will be attending fall term and submit that estimate by August 1st.
(4) The council on higher education will then determine the amount of each grant to be awarded in that upcoming fall term, provided however, that the grant shall not exceed $100 per student.
(5) The council will then notify each institution on or before August 15 of the amount of the individual tuition supplement grant to be awarded for the ensuing year. This figure will then be utilized by the institutions in determining a tuition supplement credit for the student in the upcoming fall term.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-040, filed 2/8/72.]


Grant application and award.

On or before November 1, each institution will submit to the council on higher education a listing of confirmed, full-time enrolled eligible residents as of the 10th class day.
(1) Accompanying the list is to be an application for each student.
(a) The student application will be on a form designed and produced by the council on higher education and obtained by the student from the institution.
(b) This application form will contain the student's request for receipt of the grant, his and the institution's attestation that he is a resident, a full-time undergraduate student, not pursuing a degree in theology.
(c) This form will also assign to the attending institution the authority to receive the grant and credit the student's account.
(d) This form will contain a self-explanatory definition of residency requirements which will then be completed by the student and audited by the council.
(2) Upon confirming the residency of each applicant, the council will then forward to each institution a single state warrant covering resident students in attendance.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-050, filed 2/8/72.]


Refund procedures.

(1) On or before January 15 each institution will submit to the council on higher education a reconciliation of records form.
(a) The purpose of this document is to make final accounting of students receiving a tuition supplement grant.
(b) The actual number of full-time enrolled students will be reported.
(c) Any tuition and fee refunds will be calculated and made to the state in a single warrant.
(2) Refunds of tuition supplements will be in accordance with each institution's policy as published in the official catalogue.
(a) The state of Washington will be reimbursed for that portion of the grant which is equal to the percentage of refund to general tuition and fees which is granted by the institution.
(b) Any grant moneys not utilized the first year will be added to the second year's general fund grant allocation.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-060, filed 2/8/72.]



Definitions used in relation to the program.
(1) Institution. An independent or private institution of higher education accredited by the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools.
(2) Washington resident (ESB 594), chapter 273, Laws of 1971 ex. sess. the term "resident student" shall mean a student who has had a domicile in the state of Washington for the period of time required for voting for state officials in this state at the time of commencement of the semester or quarter for which he has registered at any institution and has established an intention to become a bona fide domiciliary of this state for other than education purposes.
(3) An eligible full-time student. An undergraduate resident student pursuing a minimum of twelve credit hours, or the equivalent thereof, and not pursuing a degree in theology. For the purposes of this program, a degree in theology shall be a degree designated as a bachelor of religion, bachelor of theology, or bachelor of divinity.
[Order 1-71, § 250-24-070, filed 2/8/72.]