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PDFWAC 250-21-031

Institutional administrative requirements.

(1) Institutions shall provide financial aid application requirements, due dates, and awarding policies to prospective and admitted students.
(2) Institutions must award all Washington college grant eligible students regardless of their awarding practices.
(3) Institutions shall provide state grant recipients with satisfactory academic progress and repayment standards and the conditions of award.
(4) Institutions shall submit a report to the office related to student eligibility and awards under the format and schedule set forth by the office.
(5) The burden of proof of a grant recipient's eligibility is with the institution. At a minimum:
(a) The institution must be able, on request of the office, to reconstruct the calculations and rationale for the student's grant eligibility and award amounts.
(b) The financial aid form or comparable financial status documents, or other information documenting financial status used to make the award, with the resulting financial need analysis must be on record in the financial aid office for all grant recipients.
(c) The institution must also have on record justification for reawarding a Washington college grant to any student who failed to make satisfactory academic progress.
(6) The office shall establish annual minimum criteria by which the eligible student is to be awarded. Those criteria shall include the maximum award for each sector and the income cutoff level as well as ensuring that state-level awarding priorities are followed.
(7) The institution shall examine the student's aid application to determine the overall need and specific Washington college grant eligibility and the appropriate award, using the office-approved criteria.
(8) The office may require the institution to provide progression and completion data for all students who are receiving state grants under the ability to benefit provision outlined in WAC 250-21-011 (3)(a) through (d).
(9) The office will make available to all participating institutions, a list of all students who owe state grant repayments or have otherwise exhausted their Washington college grant eligibility. It is the institution's responsibility to ensure that no ineligible student receives a Washington college grant.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.92.150 and 28B.92.200(2). WSR 20-12-049, ยง 250-21-031, filed 5/29/20, effective 6/29/20.]
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