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PDFWAC 25-46-140

Appeals relating to registration.

(1) Any affected person may request a hearing to appeal a denial of registration or extinguishment of a right of first refusal under WAC 25-46-160 to the director. A request for a hearing shall be made by filing a written application for adjudicative proceeding with the department at the following address: Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, P.O. Box 48343, Olympia, WA 98504-8343. The application must be received by the department within twenty-one calendar days of the date of service of the notice of the denial or extinguishing. The application shall specify the issue or issues to be decided and indicate whether the requester desires a full adjudicative proceeding, a brief adjudicative proceeding, or an emergency adjudicative proceeding.
(2) When the department receives an application for adjudicative proceeding, it will immediately notify the director of its receipt and provide the director and the state archaeologist or the assistant state archaeologist with a copy of the application and the notice or document being appealed. The director thereupon will designate a presiding officer as follows:
(a) Where an application requests a full adjudicative proceeding, or where the director determines a full adjudicative proceeding is required, the director will designate as presiding officer an administrative law judge assigned by the office of administrative hearings under chapter 34.12 RCW.
(b) Where an application requests a brief adjudicative proceeding or emergency adjudicative proceeding, or where the director determines a brief adjudicative proceeding or emergency adjudicative proceeding is appropriate, the director will designate a senior staff person in the department as presiding officer. The person designated shall not have participated in the matter and shall not be subject to the authority or direction of any person who has participated in the matter.
(3) Upon being designated, the presiding officer shall notify the requester, the state archaeologist, and the assistant state archaeologist of his or her name and business address and provide any other information required by chapter 34.05 RCW or 10-08 WAC, or this chapter.
(4) Upon receiving the notice required in subsection (3) of this section, the state archaeologist or the assistant state archaeologist shall immediately transmit to the presiding officer the application, together with any accompanying documents provided by the requester, and a copy of the notice or other document being appealed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.34.220, 27.53.140, 43.21C.120. WSR 06-06-001, § 25-46-140, filed 2/15/06, effective 3/18/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 27.53.030, [27.53.]060 and 1988 c 124 §§ 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 10. WSR 88-23-005 (Order 88-07), § 25-46-140, filed 11/4/88.]
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