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Chapter 249A-01 WAC

Last Update: 11/26/96


WAC Sections




(1) Alcoholic beverages may be ordered, served and consumed on the Riverpoint campus only if established procedures are followed.
(2) Only bottled and canned beer and bottled wine are permitted. No kegs are allowed. No hard liquor may be dispensed on campus.
(3) Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased with public funds.
(4) Alcoholic beverages may only be served under permits/licenses issued by the state of Washington. This includes banquet permits and special occasion licenses obtained from the Washington liquor control board. Permits/licenses must be obtained for each event at which alcoholic beverages are served. Permits/licenses must be obtained at least three working days prior to the event for which it is granted, and must be displayed during the event.
(5) Written permission of the joint center for higher education executive director, or his/her designee, is required prior to securing a permit or license.
(6) Consumption, possession, dispension or sale of alcohol in public areas of any Riverpoint owned or controlled property is prohibited except for persons of legal age at campus-approved events.
(7) In addition to the policies of Riverpoint, faculty, staff and students of higher education institutions occupying the Riverpoint campus are bound by the regulations of their respective home institutions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.25.020(6). WSR 96-24-037, ยง 249A-01-010, filed 11/26/96, effective 12/27/96.]