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PDFWAC 246-980-040

Certification requirements.

(1) To qualify for certification as a home care aide, the applicant must:
(a) Successfully complete all training required by RCW 74.39A.074(1) within one hundred twenty calendar days of the date of hire as a long-term care worker;
(b) Successfully pass the home care aide certification examination, after completing training; and
(c) Become certified within two hundred days of date of hire, or two hundred sixty days if granted a provisional certificate under RCW 18.88B.041.
(2) An applicant for certification as a home care aide must submit to the department:
(a) A completed application for both certification and the examination on forms provided by the department;
(b) The exam fee set by the examination vendor and required fees under WAC 246-980-990; and
(c) A certificate of completion from an approved training program indicating that the applicant has successfully completed the entry level training required by RCW 74.39A.074. The certificate of completion or other official verification may also be submitted directly from the approved instructor or training program.
(3) An applicant must submit to a state and federal background check as required by RCW 74.39A.056.
(4) An applicant exempt from certification under WAC 246-980-025(2) who voluntarily chooses to be certified must provide documentation of qualification for the exemption. The applicant is not required to take the training required in subsection (1)(a) of this section or provide proof of training completion to the department.
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