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PDFWAC 246-976-182

Authorized care—Scope of practice.

(1) Certified EMS personnel are only authorized to provide patient care:
(a) When performing in a prehospital emergency setting or during interfacility ambulance transport; and
(b) When performing for a licensed EMS agency or an organization recognized by the secretary; and
(c) Within the scope of care that is:
(i) Included in the approved instructional guidelines/curriculum for the individual's level of certification; or
(ii) Included in approved specialized training; and
(iii) Included in state approved county MPD protocols.
(2) If protocols and regional patient care procedures do not provide off-line direction for the situation, the certified person in charge of the patient must consult with their online medical control as soon as possible. Medical control can only authorize a certified person to perform within their scope of practice.
(3) All prehospital providers must follow state approved triage procedures, regional patient care procedures and county MPD patient care protocols.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 18.71, 18.73, and 70.168 RCW. WSR 11-07-078, § 246-976-182, filed 3/22/11, effective 5/15/11; WSR 00-08-102, § 246-976-182, filed 4/5/00, effective 5/6/00.]
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