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PDFWAC 246-976-143

To obtain EMS certification by challenging the educational requirements, based on possession of a current health care providers credential.

To apply for certification, an applicant must submit to the department:
(1) A completed certification application on forms provided by the department; and
(2) Proof of meeting the requirements identified in Table A of this section.
Table A
Health Care Providers Seeking to Challenge the Educational Requirements for EMS Certification
Course completion documents showing education equivalent to the knowledge and skills at the EMR, EMT or AEMT training level.
Applicants seeking paramedic certification - Successful completion of a paramedic course through a training program accredited by a department-approved national accrediting organization.
Additional education:
Provide proof of a department-approved four-hour infectious disease course or a seven-hour HIV/AIDS course as required by chapter 70.24 RCW.
Current credential:
Provide proof of a valid health care provider credential.
Certification examination:
A passing score on a department-approved certification examination. Applicants will have three attempts within twelve months from the first examination date to pass the examination. After twelve months, the applicant must complete an approved initial EMS course to reapply for certification.
Certification application:
High school diploma or GED: Required for EMT, AEMT and paramedic only.
Provide proof of identity - State or federal photo I.D. (military ID, driver's license, passport).
Provide proof of age - At least eighteen years of age. Variances to this age requirement will not be granted.
Provide proof of EMS agency association - Active membership, paid or volunteer with:
Licensed aid or ambulance service;
Law enforcement agency;
Business with organized industrial safety team.
Recommendation of county medical program director - Required. MPD must sign application.
Background check - required. May include requirement for fingerprint card and FBI background check.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 18.71, 18.73, and 70.168 RCW. WSR 11-07-078, § 246-976-143, filed 3/22/11, effective 5/15/11.]
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