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PDFWAC 246-945-553

Teat dip containers.

The reuse of teat dip containers and closures shall be allowed under the following circumstances:
(1) Teat dip containers for reuse must have attached a labeling panel bearing product name, brand name and distributor address if marketed by other than the manufacturer, manufacturer name and address, product strength, quantity, expiration date, directions for use, and appropriate cautionary statements for the product contained within.
(2) All reusable teat dip containers will be hot stamped for permanent identification as teat dip containers. The hot stamp shall imprint on the plastic container, in an immutable manner, the words "teat dip only" and the manufacturer's name. Teat dip manufacturers may only refill containers bearing their company name.
(3) With cooperation from dairy producers, dairy sanitarians will take random samples of teat dip in reusable containers while on regular farm inspections. The samples, along with appropriate label information, will be forwarded to the commission for analysis to ensure that the product meets label specifications and is free of contamination.
(4) Reusable teat dip containers shall not be reactive, additive, or absorptive so as to alter the safety, identity, strength, quantity, or purity of the product.
(5) Upon return to the manufacturer, reusable teat dip containers shall be cleaned and sanitized. To ensure adequate cleaning occurs, the commission may require a manufacturer to submit and have approved a cleaning procedure. Containers showing structural damage, or any signs of being used for substances or materials other than teat dip shall not be reused as teat dip containers.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.64.005, 18.64.080, 18.130.075, 18.64.043, 18.64.044, 18.64.045, 18.64.046, 18.64.370, 18.64.460, 69.50.310, 18.64.011, 18.64.245, 18.64.470, 18.64.255, 18.64.205, 18.64.253, 18.64.410, 18.64.500, 18.64.590. WSR 20-12-072, ยง 246-945-553, filed 6/1/20, effective 7/1/20.]
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