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PDFWAC 246-933-310


(1) Veterinary medical facility: Any premise, unit, structure or vehicle where any animal is received and/or confined to be examined, diagnosed or treated medically, surgically or prophylactically, as defined in RCW 18.92.010.
(2) Mobile clinic: A vehicle, including a camper, motor home, trailer or mobile home, used as a veterinary medical facility. A mobile clinic is not required for house calls or farm calls.
(3) Aseptic surgery: Aseptic surgical technique exists when everything that comes in contact with the wound is sterile and precautions are taken to ensure such sterility during the procedure. These precautions include, but are not limited to, such things as the surgery room itself, sterilization procedures, scrubbing hands and arms, sterile gloves, caps and masks, sterile long-sleeved gowns, and sterile draping and operative techniques.
(4) Antiseptic surgery: Antiseptic surgical technique exists when care is taken to avoid bacterial contamination but the precautions are not as thorough and extensive as in aseptic surgery. Surgeons and surgical assistants shall wear clean attire and sterile gloves, and the patient shall be appropriately draped. A separate sterile surgical pack shall be used for each animal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.92.030. WSR 91-24-098 (Order 221B), § 246-933-310, filed 12/4/91, effective 1/4/92; WSR 91-02-060 (Order 108B), recodified as § 246-933-310, filed 12/28/90, effective 1/31/91; WSR 89-02-006 (Order PM 804), § 308-153-010, filed 12/27/88. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.92.030, 18.130.050 (1) and (12) and 1986 c 259 § 139. WSR 86-13-070 (Order PM 600), § 308-153-010, filed 6/18/86; Order PL-236, § 308-153-010, filed 2/18/76.]
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