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PDFWAC 246-930-340

Standards for communication with other professionals.

(1) Professional relationships with corrections/probation officers and other supervising agencies.
(a) The provider shall establish a cooperative relationship with the supervising officer and/or responsible agency for purposes of the effective supervision and monitoring of an offender's behavior in the community.
(b) All violations of the provider client contract shall be reported immediately to the supervising officer.
(c) Quarterly progress reports documenting dates of attendance, treatment activities and duration, changes in the treatment plan, client compliance with requirements, and treatment progress shall be made in a timely manner to the court and parties. Providers shall provide additional information regarding treatment progress when requested by the court or a party. If there is more than one provider, the primary provider shall confer on all quarterly reports and provide one report to the required parties in a timely manner.
(d) Prior to implementation, plans for contact with the victim, potential victims and plans for family reunification or return (where appropriate) should be reviewed with the supervising officer.
(e) Prior to implementation the provider shall communicate with the supervising officer when approving chaperones and supervisors for offender contact with children. If an urgency of circumstances requires independent approval of a chaperone by a provider, the provider will notify the community correction officer or supervising officer in a timely manner.
(2) Communication with the department of social and health services or other agencies responsible for the care or supervision of the client. When appropriate, the provider shall seek an authorization for release of information from the client to communicate with such agencies for treatment or monitoring purposes.
(3) Communication with others. Where appropriate and consistent with the offender's informed consent, the provider shall communicate with the victim's therapist, guardian ad litem, custodial parent, guardian, caseworker, or other involved professional in making decisions regarding family reunification or return, or victim contact with the offender.
(4) Reporting of additional victims.
(a) Providers are expected to comply with the mandatory reporting law, RCW 26.44.030.
(b) All clients shall be notified of the limits of confidentiality imposed on therapists by the mandatory reporting law (RCW 26.44.030).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.155.040. WSR 94-13-179, § 246-930-340, filed 6/21/94, effective 7/22/94; WSR 92-12-027 (Order 275), § 246-930-340, filed 5/28/92, effective 6/28/92; WSR 91-23-076 (Order 212), § 246-930-340, filed 11/19/91, effective 12/20/91.]
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