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PDFWAC 246-930-200

Application and examination.

(1) In order to be certified to practice under this chapter as a provider or affiliate provider in the state of Washington all applicants shall pass an examination approved by the secretary.
(2) In order to qualify to sit for the examination, an applicant shall hold a current qualifying credential and meet education, experience, and training requirements as described in WAC 246-930-030, 246-930-040, and 246-930-070.
(3) Examinations shall be given at a time and place determined by the secretary.
(4) An applicant shall submit to the department a completed application with the appropriate fee for certification no later than sixty days prior to the examination date. Any supporting documentation must be sent directly to the department by the primary or official source as set forth in WAC 246-12-020.
(5) Any applicant who fails to follow written or oral instructions relative to the conduct of the examination, is observed talking or attempting to give or receive information, or attempting to remove materials from the examination or using or attempting to use unauthorized materials during any portion of the examination shall be terminated from the examination and not permitted to complete it.
(6) The department shall approve the method of grading each examination, and apply the method uniformly to all applicants taking the examination.
(7) Applicants will be notified in writing of their examination scores.
(8) Applicant's examination scores are not disclosed to anyone other than the applicant, unless requested to do so in writing by the applicant.
(9) An applicant who fails to make the required grade in the first examination may take up to two additional examinations upon the payment of a reexamination fee for each subsequent examination. After failure of three examinations, the secretary may require remedial education before admission to future examinations.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.155.040 and 2020 c 266, and 2020 c 76. WSR 21-13-079, § 246-930-200, filed 6/15/21, effective 7/16/21. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.155.040. WSR 05-12-014, § 246-930-200, filed 5/20/05, effective 6/20/05; WSR 94-13-179, § 246-930-200, filed 6/21/94, effective 7/22/94; WSR 92-12-027 (Order 275), § 246-930-200, filed 5/28/92, effective 6/28/92; WSR 91-11-063 (Order 168), § 246-930-200, filed 5/16/91, effective 6/16/91.]
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