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PDFWAC 246-924-160

Continued supervision of persons receiving certificates of qualification.

(1) The law requires holders of a certificate of qualifications to perform psychological functions "under the periodic direct supervision of a psychologist licensed by the board." The board's interpretation of this statement is that a holder of a certificate of qualification, referred to as a "psychological assistant," is certified in tandem with a licensed psychologist and not in his or her own right. The board will evaluate, at the same time, the professional capabilities of the certificate of qualifications applicant, and the qualifications of the licensed psychologist to supervise the psychological assistant in the specific professional functions outlined by the psychological assistant. The board must examine and approve the professional qualifications of the psychological assistant applicant and the licensed psychologist and their supervisor-supervisee agreement. The board does not approve specific work conditions, fees, salaries, and related factors as relevant to the nature and quality of the professional relationship or services offered to the public.
(2) The applicant must indicate on the application form, in detail, his or her areas of intended practice. After initial screening (evaluation of the person's education, experience, and supervision) and passing the written examinations, the applicant shall furnish the board with a plan for continued supervision, which will include detailed information regarding the supervisor, which indicates an agreement to supervise.
(3) Minimum supervision shall include discussion of the psychological assistant's work through regularly scheduled contacts with the supervisor at appropriate intervals. Whenever possible, supervision should consist of occasional direct observation or review of recorded case material. The supervisor shall be responsible for preparing evaluative reports of the psychological assistant's performance, which will be forwarded to the board on a periodic basis.
(4) When a licensed psychologist assumes the responsibility of supervision, he or she shares the professional and ethical responsibility for the nature and quality of all of the psychological services the psychological assistant may provide. Failure to provide supervision as described in the agreement may result in appropriate action against the license of the supervisor.
(5) Interruption or termination of a supervisory relationship shall be promptly communicated to the board by the supervisor or the psychological assistant.
(6) In every case where psychological testing is done and a report is written based on that testing by a psychological assistant, the supervising licensed psychologist will countersign the report indicating his or her approval.
(7) An applicant or holder of a certificate may apply to the board for authority to work without immediate supervision in particular areas of function. In these cases, the board may require further evidence of proficiency. Even though the immediate supervision requirement is waived for the psychological assistant, periodic supervisory consultation as deemed appropriate by the board is required. Evidence of supervisory consultation must be submitted to the department of health with the annual license renewal fee.
(8) The board will conduct appropriate review and make its decision under this section for any application submitted under WAC 246-924-150 for certification of an additional area of function.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.83.050. WSR 08-09-100, § 246-924-160, filed 4/21/08, effective 5/22/08; WSR 91-04-020 (Order 117B), recodified as § 246-924-160, filed 1/28/91, effective 2/28/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.83.090. WSR 89-19-053 (Order PM 862), § 308-122-440, filed 9/19/89, effective 10/20/89; Order PL 202, § 308-122-440, filed 10/1/75.]
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