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PDFWAC 246-901-100

Board approval of pharmacies utilizing pharmacy ancillary personnel and specialized functions.

(1) Application. All licensed pharmacies may apply on a form supplied by the board for permission to utilize the services of pharmacy ancillary personnel.
(2) Utilization plan for pharmacy technicians.
(a) General. The application for approval must describe the manner in which the pharmacy technicians will be utilized and supervised, including job descriptions, task analysis or similar type documents that define the duties performed and the conditions under which they are performed, number of positions in each category, as well as other information as may be required by the board. The board will be notified of all changes to the utilization plan. A copy of the utilization plan must be maintained in the pharmacy.
(b) Specialized function. The utilization plan for pharmacy technicians performing specialized functions. The utilization plan must include:
(i) The criteria for selection of pharmacy technicians to perform specialized functions;
(ii) A description of the methods of training and of initial demonstration of proficiency;
(iii) A copy of the part of the section of the pharmacy's quality assurance plan related to pharmacy technician specialized functions;
(iv) Other information that may be required by the board.
(c) To gain approval for specialized functions, a pharmacy must follow board-approved guidelines regarding pharmacy technician training, implementation and evaluation.
(3) Utilization plan for pharmacy assistants. The application for approval shall list the job title or function of the pharmacy assistant.
(4) The board may give conditional approval for pilot or demonstration projects for innovative applications in the utilization of pharmacy ancillary personnel.
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