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PDFWAC 246-886-080

Recordkeeping and reports.

(1) A registered humane society or animal control agency must use a bound logbook with consecutively numbered pages to record the receipt, use, and disposition of approved legend drugs and sodium pentobarbital. Only one drug may be recorded on any single page.
(2) The logbook must have sufficient detail to allow an audit of the drug usage to be performed and must include:
(a) Date and time of administration;
(b) Route of administration;
(c) Identification number or other identifier assigned to the animal;
(d) Estimated weight of the animal;
(e) Estimated age and breed of the animal;
(f) Name of drug used;
(g) Dose of drug administered;
(h) Amount of drug wasted; and
(i) Initials of the primary person administering the drug.
(3) The logbook may omit subsections (2)(b), (d), and (e) of this section if the information is recorded in other records cross-referenced by the animal identification number or other assigned identifier.
(4) Personnel of the registered entity shall document any errors or discrepancies in the drug inventory in the logbook. He or she shall report the findings to the responsible supervisor for investigation.
(5) The registered entity shall report any unresolved discrepancies in writing to the commission within seven days, and to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration if the loss includes a controlled substance.
(6) The designated individual, as defined in WAC 246-886-060, shall perform a physical inventory or count of approved legend drugs and sodium pentobarbital every six months. The physical inventory must be reconciled with the logbook.
(7) The supervisor or designated individual shall destroy legend drugs that are unfit for use due to contamination or having passed its expiration date. A second member of the staff shall witness drugs that are destroyed or wasted. The records of the destruction of drugs are documented in the logbook with the date of the event and signatures of the individuals involved.
(8) A registered entity shall return all unwanted or unused sodium pentobarbital to the manufacturer or destroy them in accordance with the rules and requirements of the commission, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, and the department of ecology.
(9) A registered entity shall maintain a written list of all authorized personnel who have demonstrated the qualifications to possess and administer approved legend drugs, and sodium pentobarbital.
(10) All records of the registered entity must be available for inspection by the commission or any officer who is authorized to enforce this chapter.
(11) The registered entity shall maintain the logbook and other related records for a minimum of two years.
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