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PDFWAC 246-863-095

Pharmacist's professional responsibilities.

(1) A pharmacist's primary responsibility is to ensure patients receive safe and appropriate medication therapy.
(2) A pharmacist shall not delegate the following professional responsibilities:
(a) Receipt of a verbal prescription other than refill authorization from a prescriber.
(b) Consultation with the patient regarding the prescription, both prior to and after the prescription filling and/or regarding any information contained in a patient medication record system provided that this shall not prohibit pharmacy ancillary personnel from providing to the patient or the patient's health care giver certain information where no professional judgment is required such as dates of refills or prescription price information.
(c) Consultation with the prescriber regarding the patient and the patient's prescription.
(d) Extemporaneous compounding of the prescription, however, bulk compounding from a formula and IV admixture products prepared in accordance with chapter 246-871 WAC may be performed by a pharmacy technician when supervised by a pharmacist.
(e) Interpretation of data in a patient medication record system.
(f) Ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the completed prescription and assumption of the responsibility for the filled prescription, such as: Accuracy of drug, strength, labeling, proper container and other requirements.
(g) Dispense prescriptions to patient with proper patient information as required by WAC 246-869-220.
(h) Signing of the poison register and the Schedule V controlled substance registry book at the time of sale in accordance with RCW 69.38.030 and WAC 246-887-030 and any other item required by law, rule or regulation to be signed or initialed by a pharmacist.
(i) Professional communications with physicians, dentists, nurses and other health care practitioners.
(j) Decision to not dispense lawfully prescribed drugs or devices or to not distribute drugs and devices approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for restricted distribution by pharmacies.
(3) Utilizing personnel to assist the pharmacist.
(a) The responsible pharmacist manager shall retain all professional and personal responsibility for any assisted tasks performed by personnel under his or her responsibility, as shall the pharmacy employing such personnel. The responsible pharmacist manager shall determine the extent to which personnel may be utilized to assist the pharmacist and shall assure that the pharmacist is fulfilling his or her supervisory and professional responsibilities.
(b) This does not preclude delegation to an intern or extern.
(4) It is considered unprofessional conduct for any person authorized to practice or assist in the practice of pharmacy to engage in any of the following:
(a) Destroy unfilled lawful prescription;
(b) Refuse to return unfilled lawful prescriptions;
(c) Violate a patient's privacy;
(d) Discriminate against patients or their agent in a manner prohibited by state or federal laws; and
(e) Intimidate or harass a patient.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.64.005, 18.130.050, 18.64.165, 18.130.180. WSR 07-14-025, § 246-863-095, filed 6/25/07, effective 7/26/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.64.005. WSR 96-02-005, § 246-863-095, filed 12/20/95, effective 1/20/96.]
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