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PDFWAC 246-863-080

Retired pharmacist license.

(1) Any pharmacist who has been licensed in the state for twenty-five consecutive years, who wishes to retire from the practice of pharmacy, may apply for a retired pharmacist license by submitting to the board:
(a) An application on a form provided by the department; and
(b) A fee as specified in WAC 246-907-030.
(2) The holder of a retired pharmacist license shall not be authorized to practice pharmacy and need not comply with the continuing education requirements of chapter 246-861 WAC.
(3) A retired pharmacist license shall be granted to any qualified applicant and shall entitle such person to receive mailings from the board of pharmacy: Provided, That lawbook updates shall not be mailed without charge.
(4) In order to reactivate a retired pharmacist license, the holder must comply with the provision of WAC 246-863-090 and chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 2.
(5) The annual renewal fee for a retired pharmacist license is set by the secretary in WAC 246-907-030.
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