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PDFWAC 246-863-020


(1) The examination for licensure as a pharmacist shall be known as the full board examination in such form as may be determined by the board.
(2) The score required to pass the examination shall be 75. In addition, the score achieved in the jurisprudence section of the exam shall be no lower than 75.
(3) An examinee failing the jurisprudence section of the full board examination shall be allowed to retake the jurisprudence section at a time and place to be specified by the board.
(4) An examinee who fails the jurisprudence examination three times shall not be eligible for further examination until he or she has satisfactorily completed a pharmacy law course provided by a college of pharmacy or board directed study or tutorial program approved by the board.
(5) A person taking the licensing examination in another state for the purpose of score transfer to Washington shall be required to meet the same licensure requirements as a person taking the licensing examination in Washington. All of the documentation, fees, intern hours and reports shall be submitted. In order for the score transfer application to be valid, the licensing process must be completed within one year of the date the score transfer notification is received in the board office.
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