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PDFWAC 246-858-070

Rules for preceptors.

(1) The pharmacist preceptor, or his or her designee in accordance with WAC 246-858-040(2), shall supervise the pharmacy intern and shall be responsible for the sale of restricted items, and the compounding and dispensing of pharmaceuticals dispensed by an intern.
(2) The pharmacist preceptor must use the board approved plan of instruction for interns.
(3) Upon completion of the intern's experience at each site, the preceptor under whom this experience was obtained shall file a report with the board. Such report shall briefly describe the type of professional experience received under the preceptor's supervision and the preceptor's evaluation of the intern's ability to practice pharmacy at that stage of internship.
(4) The board of pharmacy shall provide the necessary affidavit forms to certify hours of experience under the personal supervision of a preceptor. Affidavits must be certified and recorded in the office of the board not later than thirty days after the completion of any site intern experience; provided that any experience necessary for eligibility to take the licensing examination must be in the board office no later than thirty days prior to the examination.
(5) The pharmacist preceptor may supervise more than one intern during a given time period; however, two interns may not dispense concurrently under the direct supervision of the same preceptor.
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