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PDFWAC 246-858-060

Requirements for preceptor certification.

(1) A pharmacist who is licensed and actively engaged in practice in a Class A pharmacy in the state of Washington, and who has met certification requirements prescribed in this section of the regulation and who has completed a board approved training program within the last five years, and who has been certified by the board of pharmacy shall be known as "pharmacist preceptor." The requirement for completion of an approved training program becomes effective June 30, 1991.
(2) The pharmacist preceptor must have completed twelve months as a licensed pharmacist engaged in the practice of pharmacy as defined in RCW 18.64.011(11).
(3) Any preceptor or preceptor applicant who has been found guilty of a drug or narcotic violation or whose pharmacist license has been revoked, suspended, or placed on probation by the state board of pharmacy shall not be eligible for certification as a preceptor, until completion of the probationary period, and a showing of good cause for certification as a pharmacist preceptor.
(4) The preceptor shall be responsible for the quality of the internship training under his/her supervision and he/she shall assure that the intern actually engages in pharmaceutical activities during that training period.
(5) The board of pharmacy shall withdraw a preceptor's certification upon proof that the preceptor failed to meet or maintain the requirements as stated in this section.
(6) In considering the approval of special internship programs pursuant to WAC 246-858-080, the board may approve alternative qualification requirements for the preceptors of such programs.
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