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PDFWAC 246-852-005


For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions apply:
(1) "Contact lens" means any contact lens for which state or federal law requires a prescription including noncorrective or plano contact lenses.
(2) "Initial prescription" means a written directive from a prescriber for corrective lenses and consists of the refractive powers.
(3) "Fitting" means the performance of mechanical procedures and measurements necessary to adapt and fit eyeglasses or contact lenses from an initial written prescription containing the information in WAC 246-852-020. In the case of contact lenses, where a patient requests that the fitting be performed by an optician licensed under chapter 18.34 RCW, the initial prescription from a prescriber must be in writing and fitting includes the selection of physical characteristics of the lenses including conversion of the spectacle power to contact lens equivalents, lens design, material and manufacturer of the lenses, and supervision of the trial wearing of the lenses which may require incidental revisions during the fitting period. The revisions may not alter the effect of the written prescription. The fitting and follow-up evaluation must be completed within six months of the eye examination.
(4) "Finalized contact lens prescription" means a contact lens prescription consisting of the contact lens specifications approved by a prescriber at the conclusion of the follow-up evaluation.
(5) "Contact lens prescription" means a postevaluation finalized prescription, issued by a prescriber in accordance with state and federal law, that contains sufficient information for the complete and accurate filling of a prescription for contact lenses that includes the following:
(a) Name of the patient.
(b) Date of original examination.
(c) Issue date of the finalized contact lens prescription and expiration date of that prescription.
(d) The name, postal address, telephone number and facsimile number of the evaluating prescriber.
(e) Dioptric power.
(f) Lens material, brand name and/or manufacturer.
(g) In the case of a private label contact lens, the name of the manufacturer, trade name of the private label brand, and, if applicable, trade name of an equivalent brand name.
(h) Base curve (inside radius of curvature), or appropriate designation.
(i) Diameter.
(j) Color (when applicable).
(k) Thickness (when applicable).
(l) Secondary/peripheral curves (when applicable).
(m) Special features equivalent to variable curves, fenestration or coating.
(n) Suggested wearing schedule and care regimen.
(o) Signature of the evaluating prescriber.
(6) "Contact lens prescription issue date" means the date on which the patient receives a copy of the finalized contact lens prescription at the completion of the fitting and follow-up evaluation.
(7) "Ophthalmic goods" means eyeglasses or a component or components of eyeglasses, and contact lenses.
(8) "Ophthalmic services" means the measuring, fitting, adjusting, and fabricating of ophthalmic goods subsequent to an eye examination.
(9) "Prescriber" means an ophthalmologist or optometrist who performs eye examinations under chapter 18.53, 18.57, or 18.71 RCW.
(10) "Private label contact lenses" means contact lenses that are sold under the label of a seller where the contact lenses are identical to lenses made by the same manufacturer but sold under other labels.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.195.050. WSR 07-20-041, ยง 246-852-005, filed 9/25/07, effective 10/26/07.]
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