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PDFWAC 246-845-090

Quality assurance standards.

Nursing pools shall comply with the quality assurance standards contained in this section. Evidence of compliance with these standards shall be retained by the nursing pool and be available for inspection by the department for a minimum of three years. These standards are as follows:
(1) Establishment of a prehire/precontract screening procedure which includes the following:
(a) Written or verbal verification of two references relevant to the work the applicant proposes to do for the nursing pool. References must include dates of employment/contracting;
(b) Written verification of applicant's current, unrestricted professional license, certificate, or registration issued by the department;
(c) Written verification of any certification by a private or public entity in clinical areas relevant to the applicant's proposed work;
(d) Written verification of current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification;
(e) Written health screening plan that assures that each applicant is free of tuberculosis, physically able to perform the job duties required for the position, and compliance with OSHA regulations regarding the HBV virus;
(f) Compliance with RCW 43.43.830 regarding criminal history disclosure and background inquiries;
(g) Establishment of a post-hire/post-contract procedure which includes the following:
(i) Written procedure for orientation of all new hires/contractors to the nursing pool's policies and procedures prior to beginning work;
(ii) Written performance evaluation plan to include written evaluations from facilities regarding performance of persons who have delivered patient care services;
(iii) Written continuing education program for personnel/contractors that at a minimum provides educational programs on a variety of related topics relevant to the work performed to include: HIV/HBV information, fire and safety, universal precautions, infection control, and information concerning Washington state abuse reporting requirements;
(2) Compliance with state and federal wage and labor laws, and federal immigration laws.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.250. WSR 93-14-011, ยง 246-845-090, filed 6/24/93, effective 7/25/93.]
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