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PDFWAC 246-841-592

Commission action for violations.

(1) When the nursing commission determines that a medication assistant education and training program fails to meet the requirements in WAC 246-841-590 through 246-841-595, the nursing commission may issue a statement of deficiencies or notice of intent to withdraw approval from an existing program.
(2) Statement of deficiencies. The program must within ten calendar days of notification of the cited deficiencies prepare, sign, date, and provide to the commission a detailed written plan of correction. Such plan of correction will provide notification to the commission of the date by which the program will complete the correction of cited deficiencies. The commission will review the program's plan of correction to determine if it is acceptable. A plan of correction must:
(a) Address how corrective action will be accomplished;
(b) Address what measures will be put into place or systematic changes made to assure that the deficient practice will not recur;
(c) Indicate how the program plans to monitor its performance to assure that solutions are sustained;
(d) Give the name and title of the person who is responsible for assuring the implementation of the plan of correction;
(e) Give the day by which the correction will be made.
(3) Notice of intent to withdraw approval. The commission may issue a notice of intent to withdraw approval from ongoing programs if it determines that a medication assistant endorsement program fails to substantially meet the standards contained in the law and this chapter.
When the commission withdraws approval, and the program does not appeal the withdrawal under WAC 246-841-594, the program shall submit an action plan to the commission providing for enrolled students to complete the program.
[Statutory Authority: 2012 c 208 and RCW 18.88A.060. WSR 13-15-012, ยง 246-841-592, filed 7/8/13, effective 7/8/13.]
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