Chapter 246-841 WAC

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246-841-400Standards of practice and competencies for nursing assistants.
246-841-405Nursing assistant delegation.
246-841-410Purpose of the review and approval of nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-420Requirements for approval of nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-430Denial or withdrawal of approval for nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-440How does a nursing assistant training program whose approval has been withdrawn become reinstated?
246-841-450Appeal rights of a nursing assistant-certified training program when the commission has denied or withdrawn approval.
246-841-460Closure of an approved nursing assistant-certified training program.
246-841-470Program directors and instructors in approved nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-490Core curriculum in approved nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-500Physical resources required for approved nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-510Administrative procedures for approved nursing assistant-certified training programs.
246-841-520Expired license.
246-841-530Alternative program—Purpose.
246-841-535Alternative program—Definitions.
246-841-545Home care aide-certified alternative program requirements.
246-841-550Medical assistant-certified alternative program requirements.
246-841-555Responsibilities of the program director in alternative programs.
246-841-560Alternative program application for approval, denial, or withdrawal.
246-841-570Recordkeeping and administrative procedures for approved alternative programs.
246-841-573Closure of an alternative program.
246-841-575Alternative program—Eligibility to complete the nursing assistant-certified competency examination.
246-841-578Application requirements.
246-841-585Application for nursing assistant-certified from an alternative program.
246-841-588Application requirements.
246-841-589Medication administration and performing prescriber ordered treatments.
246-841-590Requirements for approval of education and training programs.
246-841-591Commission review and investigation.
246-841-592Commission action for violations.
246-841-593Reinstatement of approval.
246-841-594Appeal rights.
246-841-595Medication assistant endorsement program renewal.
246-841-610AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
246-841-720Mandatory reporting.
246-841-990Nursing assistant—Fees and renewal cycle.
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