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PDFWAC 246-840-210

Continuing competency definitions.

The definitions in this section apply throughout WAC 246-840-200 through 246-840-260 unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Active nursing practice" means engagement in paid, unpaid, or volunteer activity performing acts requiring substantial nursing knowledge, judgment, and skills described under RCW 18.79.040, 18.79.050, and 18.79.060. Active nursing practice may include, but is not limited to, working as an administrator, quality manager, policy officer, public health nurse, parish nurse, home health nurse, educator, consultant, regulator, and investigator or case manager.
(2) "Advanced nursing degree" means education preparation beyond one's initial education for nurse licensure.
(3) "Attestation" means the affirmation by signature of the nurse indicating compliance with the standards and terms of the continuing competency requirements.
(4) "Compliance audit" means a review of documents to determine whether the nurse has fulfilled the requirements in WAC 246-840-220 through 246-840-260.
(5) "Continuing competency" is the ongoing ability of a nurse to maintain, update and demonstrate sufficient knowledge, skills, judgment, and qualifications necessary to practice safely and ethically in a designated role and setting in accordance with the scope of nursing practice. A nurse achieves continuing competency through active practice and continuing nursing education.
(6) "Continuing nursing education" refers to systematic professional learning experiences obtained after initial licensure and designed to augment the knowledge, skills, and judgment of nurses and enrich nurses' contributions to quality health care and the pursuit of professional career goals, related to a nurse's area of professional practice, growth and development.
(7) "Nurse" means a registered nurse and licensed practical nurse.
(8) "Review period" is one full licensing renewal cycle. For purposes of a compliance audit, the review period will be the one year preceding the audit due date.
(9) "Technical assistance" means guidance provided by commission staff to help the nurse comply with laws and rules.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.010 and 18.79.110. WSR 21-11-032, § 246-840-210, filed 5/12/21, effective 6/12/21. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.110 and 43.70.442. WSR 16-04-097, § 246-840-210, filed 2/1/16, effective 3/3/16.]
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