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PDFWAC 246-834-060

Initial application requirements for licensure as a midwife.

(1) An applicant for a midwife license shall submit to the department the following:
(a) Initial application on forms provided by the department.
(b) Fees required in WAC 246-834-990.
(c) Proof of high school graduation, or its equivalent.
(d) Proof of at least three years of midwifery training, per RCW 18.50.040 (2)(a), unless the applicant qualifies for a reduced academic period.
(e) Proof of completion of seven clock hours of HIV/AIDS education as required in chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 8.
(f) Proof of successful completion of the midwifery jurisprudence exam, as offered by the department.
(2) In addition to the requirements in subsection (1) of this section, an applicant for a midwife license shall also:
(a) Have transcripts sent directly to the department from the applicant's midwifery school demonstrating that the applicant has received a certificate or diploma in midwifery. An applicant applying under WAC 246-834-065 or 246-834-066 may be exempted from this requirement.
(b) Have verification of passing the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) examination. Results must be sent directly to the department from NARM.
(3) Once all application requirements in this section are met, and additional requirements in WAC 246-834-065 or 246-834-066 if applicable, the department will schedule the applicant for the Washington state specific component exam.
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