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PDFWAC 246-834-010


The following definitions apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
(1) "Active practice" means twenty hours per month in prenatal and postpartum clinical care, or minimum of six births annually as the primary midwife;
(2) "Department" means the Washington state department of health;
(3) "Directly assisted" means the act where a student midwife is learning the skills of a midwife through hands-on clinical experience in gradually increasing degrees of responsibility while under supervision of a licensed midwife or other obstetric provider;
(4) "Lactation care and services" means evaluation, problem identification, treatment, education, and consultation regarding lactation and breastfeeding to mothers and neonates;
(5) "Nursing education" means completion of courses for credit in a school that is approved to train persons for licensure as registered nurses or licensed practical nurses, or courses in other formal training programs which include instruction in basic nursing skills, excluding nursing assistant training;
(6) "Practical midwifery experience" means performance of tasks within the midwifery scope of practice, that is verified by affidavit, testimony or other sworn written documentation that verifies that the experience and its documentation is equivalent to that required of students enrolled in an accepted midwifery education program;
(7) "Preceptor" means a licensed midwife or other obstetric practitioner licensed by their state or jurisdiction to provide maternity care who assumes responsibility for supervising the practical (clinical obstetric) experience of a student midwife;
(8) "Primary attendant" means a student midwife who acts as primary midwife making intrapartum clinical decisions while under supervision of a licensed midwife or other obstetric provider;
(9) "Secretary" means the secretary of the Washington state department of health;
(10) "Supervision" means the observation and evaluation of a student midwife's practical performance. A supervisor must be physically present on-site and available to intervene when a student midwife performs any clinical care task at births and prenatal and postpartum care exams.
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