Chapter 246-826 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-826-020Delegation of functions to health care assistants.
246-826-030Supervision of health care assistants.
246-826-040Certification of health care assistants.
246-826-050Renewal of health care assistants.
246-826-060Department of health responsibilities.
246-826-070Maintenance of listing of drugs and functions authorized.
246-826-080Medication, diagnostic agent, and vaccine list.
246-826-100Health care assistant classification.
246-826-110Qualified trainer.
246-826-120Provision of health care assistants training.
246-826-130Category A minimum requirements.
246-826-140Category B minimum requirements.
246-826-150Category C minimum requirements.
246-826-160Category D minimum requirements.
246-826-170Category E minimum requirements.
246-826-180Category F minimum requirements.
246-826-200Hospital or nursing home drug injection.
246-826-210Intravenous medications flow restrictions.
246-826-230AIDS prevention and information education requirements—Health care assistants.
246-826-301Hemodialysis technician, category G minimum requirements to perform hemodialysis.
246-826-302Minimum training standards for mandatory hemodialysis technician training programs.
246-826-303Minimum standards of practice and core competencies of hemodialysis technicians.
246-826-990Health care assistant fees and renewal cycle.
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