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PDFWAC 246-811-048

Supervision requirements.

(1) All of the experience required for substance use disorder professional certification must be under an approved supervisor as defined in WAC 246-811-049.
(2) A substance use disorder professional or an individual credentialed according to WAC 246-811-076 may provide substance use disorder assessment, counseling, and case management to patients consistent with his or her education, training, and experience as documented by the approved supervisor.
(a) The first fifty hours of any face-to-face patient contact must be under direct supervision and within sight and hearing of an approved supervisor or a substance use disorder professional designated by the approved supervisor.
(b) An approved supervisor or the approved supervisor's designated certified substance use disorder professional must provide direct supervision when a supervisee is providing clinical services to patients until the approved supervisor documents in the employee file that the supervisee has obtained the necessary education, training, and experience.
(3) Approved supervisors must attest to the department that the supervisee has demonstrated competency in the areas listed in WAC 246-811-047(2) on forms provided by the department.
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