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PDFWAC 246-808-030

Accreditation of chiropractic collegesProcedure.

In determining a chiropractic college's eligibility for accreditation and approval in the state of Washington, the chiropractic college must be accredited by a commission-recognized national or international accrediting body whose standards meet the criteria of WAC 246-808-040 (3)(d), (e), and (f), or receive accreditation and approval from the commission in accordance with RCW 18.25.025 and WAC 246-808-040.
(1) Application and determination.
(a) To apply for accreditation and approval by the commission, a chiropractic college shall send a written request to the commission requesting an application form. The applicant shall complete the application form and submit it to the commission, along with any accompanying documents, and recent photographs of the chiropractic college or the buildings in which the chiropractic college is located.
(b) Within one hundred twenty days after the receipt of the completed application, the commission shall consider the application, determine whether or not the chiropractic college fulfills the requirements in WAC 246-808-040, and notify the applicant of the commission's determination. If the commission determines that the chiropractic college cannot be accredited and approved, the notice shall include the reasons for denial. The commission may withhold making a determination for a reasonable period of time for any justifiable cause upon giving notice to the applicant.
(2) Additional information. The commission may request additional information from the applicant including answers to specific inquiries. The commission may grant or deny the accreditation and approval contingent upon the applicants' response to such inquiries.
(3) Inspection. The commission, at its discretion, may make a physical inspection of the applicant's chiropractic college a condition for accreditation and approval.
(4) Duration. An accredited and approved chiropractic college shall continue to be accredited and approved for as long as it fulfills the requirements of this chapter.
(a) A chiropractic college shall report to the commission any changes to its accreditation status, financial solvency, ownership status, administration, or curriculum.
(b) A chiropractic college shall also report any changes to its faculty, facilities, or equipment that may affect the chiropractic college's qualifications for commission accreditation and approval.
(5) Enforcement. The commission may place an accredited and approved chiropractic college on probation when the commission receives evidence that the chiropractic college is not meeting criteria for continued commission accreditation and approval. The commission will provide the chiropractic college with a written statement of deficiencies describing the specific areas of noncompliance. The commission and the chiropractic college may agree on a mutually acceptable timetable and procedures for correction of the deficiencies or the commission may set the timetable. Should the chiropractic college not make the required corrections, or should further deficiencies develop during the probation, the commission may revoke the approval of the chiropractic college. The commission need not place a chiropractic college on probation before pursuing suspension or revocation of the approval.
(6) Appeal. A chiropractic college whose approval is suspended or revoked may request an adjudicative proceeding under chapter 246-11 WAC to contest the decision. A request for an adjudicative proceeding must be filed with the commission within thirty calendar days of service of the commission's notice of decision.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.25.0171 and 18.130.050. WSR 19-13-080, § 246-808-030, filed 6/17/19, effective 7/18/19. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.25 RCW. WSR 96-16-074, § 246-808-030, filed 8/6/96, effective 9/6/96.]
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