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PDFWAC 246-803-230

Clinical training.

To become an East Asian medicine practitioner, an applicant must complete a minimum of five hundred hours of supervised clinical training including no more than one hundred hours of observation which includes case presentation and discussion. At least four hundred hours must be patient treatment.
(1) Qualified instructors must observe and provide guidance to the student as appropriate. Instructors must be qualified to provide instruction in their areas of specialization in East Asian medicine as demonstrated by possession of the following:
(a) Broad and comprehensive training in East Asian medicine; and
(b) Two years of relevant current work experience or teaching experience in East Asian medicine.
(2) Qualified instructors must be available within the clinical facility to provide consultation and assistance to the student for patient treatments. Prior to initiation of each treatment, instructors must have knowledge of and approve the diagnosis and treatment plan.
(3) "Patient treatment" includes:
(a) Conducting a patient intake interview concerning the patient's past and present medical history;
(b) Performing East Asian medicine examination and diagnosis;
(c) Discussion between the instructor and the student concerning the proposed diagnosis and treatment plan;
(d) Applying East Asian medicine treatment principles and techniques; and
(e) Charting of patient conditions, evaluative discussions and findings, and concluding remarks.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.06 RCW and 2010 c 286. WSR 11-17-105, ยง 246-803-230, filed 8/22/11, effective 9/22/11.]
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