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(Effective August 1, 2021)

PDFWAC 246-366A-160

Laboratories and shops—Construction requirements.

School officials shall:
(1) Provide an emergency eyewash fountain for each laboratory and shop where hazardous materials are used or eye irritants are produced.
(2) Provide an emergency shower for each laboratory where hazardous materials are used and the potential for chemical spills exists.
(3) Assure that all emergency eyewash fountains and showers have unobstructed access and are reachable within ten seconds.
(4) Provide handwashing and appropriate drying facilities in an easily accessible location in each laboratory and shop.
(5) Provide emergency shut-offs for gas and electricity connected to stationary machinery in laboratories and shops. Emergency shut-offs must:
(a) Be located in close proximity to the room exit door;
(b) Have unobstructed access; and
(c) Have signage readable from across the room for immediate identification during an emergency.
(6) Provide all stationary machinery in laboratories and shops with magnetic-type switches to prevent machines from automatically restarting upon restoration of power after an electrical failure or activation of the emergency shut-off.
(7) Provide mechanical exhaust ventilation in hazardous material storerooms, and in laboratories and shops where equipment or activities may produce air contaminants of public health importance.
(8) When activities or equipment in laboratories or shops produce air contaminants of public health importance, provide an appropriate source capture system to prevent those contaminants from entering the student's breathing zone. These activities and equipment include, but are not limited to, spray painting, welding, pottery kilns, chemistry experiments, and wood-working.
(9) Design ventilation systems to operate so that air is not recirculated and does not flow from the laboratory or shop to other parts of the school facility. Open plenum air returns consisting of the space above suspended ceilings in laboratories and shops must not be used to recirculate air to other parts of the school facility.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 10-01-174, 10-12-018, 11-10-080, 13-09-040, 15-09-070, 17-14-055, and 19-14-107 § 246-366A-160, filed 12/22/09, 5/21/10, 5/3/11, 4/11/13, 4/15/15, 6/28/17, and 7/2/19, effective 8/1/21.]
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