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(Effective August 1, 2021)

PDFWAC 246-366A-125

Restrooms and showers—Operation and maintenance requirements.

School officials shall:
(1) Provide in each restroom:
(a) Toilet paper in each toilet stall;
(b) Single service handwashing soap near each handwashing sink; and
(c) Single-service towels or an adequate number of warm-air dryers. Common use towels are not allowed.
(2) Provide hot water to all handwashing plumbing fixtures at a maximum temperature of one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit.
(3) Provide tempered water for those handwashing plumbing fixtures that do not allow the user to select water temperature.
(4) Provide any hand operated, self-closing handwashing plumbing fixtures with the capability of providing at least ten seconds of running water.
(5) Provide access to restrooms when:
(a) School buildings are in use; or
(b) Outdoor facilities or athletic fields are in use for school-sponsored events. School officials are not required to provide access to restrooms when outdoor facilities and athletic fields are in use after school hours or on weekends unless it is a school-sponsored event.
(6) Provide access to shower facilities with hot water between one hundred and one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit for classes in physical education and school-sponsored sports teams at grades nine and above.
(7) When cloth towels are supplied by the school, provide them for individual use and launder them after each use.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 10-01-174, 10-12-018, 11-10-080, 13-09-040, 15-09-070, 17-14-055, and 19-14-107, § 246-366A-125, filed 12/22/09, 5/21/10, 5/3/11, 4/11/13, 4/15/15, 6/28/17, and 7/2/19, effective 8/1/21.]
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