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PDFWAC 246-341-0718

Recovery support servicesRecovery supportGeneral.

Recovery support services are intended to promote an individual's socialization, recovery, self-advocacy, development of natural support, and maintenance of community living skills.
(1) Recovery support services include:
(a) Supported employment services;
(b) Supportive housing services;
(c) Peer support services;
(d) Mental health peer respite services;
(e) Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services; and
(f) Consumer-run clubhouse services.
(2) An agency that provides any recovery support service may operate through an agreement with a licensed behavioral health agency that provides certified outpatient behavioral health services described in WAC 246-341-0702 through 246-341-0754. The agreement must specify the responsibility for initial assessments, the determination of appropriate services, individual service planning, and the documentation of these requirements in order to meet the requirements in WAC 246-341-0640. Subsections (3) and (4) of this section list the abbreviated requirements for assessments, staff, and clinical records.
(3) When providing any recovery support service, a behavioral health agency must:
(a) Have an assessment process to determine the appropriateness of the agency's services, based on the individual's needs and goals;
(b) Refer an individual to a more intensive level of care when appropriate; and
(c) With the consent of the individual, include the individual's family members, significant others, and other relevant treatment providers as necessary to provide support to the individual.
(4) An agency providing any recovery support service must maintain an individual's clinical record that contains:
(a) Documentation of the following:
(i) The name of the agency or other sources through which the individual was referred;
(ii) A brief summary of each service encounter, including the date, time, and duration of the encounter; and
(iii) Names of participant(s), including the name of the individual who provided the service.
(b) Any information or copies of documents shared by, or with, a behavioral health agency certified for outpatient mental health services.
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