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PDFWAC 246-338-022

Initial application for medical test site license.

(1) Application procedure.
Applicants requesting a medical test site license must:
(a) Submit a completed application on forms furnished by the department, signed by the owner or authorized representative;
(b) File a separate application for each test site except under the following conditions:
(i) If the test site is not at a fixed location and moves from testing site to testing site, or uses a temporary testing location such as a health fair, the medical test site may apply for a single license for the home base location;
(ii) If the medical test site is a not-for-profit or state or local government and performs a combination of fifteen or less of either waived or moderate complexity test procedures at different locations, the owner may file an application for a single license;
(c) Furnish full and complete information to the department in writing:
(i) Name, address, phone number, and federal tax ID number of the medical test site;
(ii) Name of owner;
(iii) Number and types of tests performed, planned, or projected;
(iv) Name and qualifications including educational background, training, and experience of the director;
(v) Names and qualifications including educational background, training, and experience of technical personnel, if requested by the department;
(vi) Name of proficiency testing program or programs used by the medical test site and a copy of the enrollment confirmation form, if applicable;
(vii) Methodologies for tests performed, if requested by the department; and
(viii) Other information as requested by the department;
(d) Submit the designated fee in the time period indicated, upon receipt of a fee statement from the department;
(e) If applying for an accredited license, submit proof of accreditation by an approved accreditation organization. If application has been made to an accreditation organization, submit a copy of the application, followed by proof of accreditation within eleven months of issuance of the medical test site license.
(2) Issuing an initial license.
(a) An initial license will be issued for a medical test site when the applicant:
(i) Submits a completed application and any information requested by the department;
(ii) Pays the designated license fee; and
(iii) Meets the requirements of chapter 70.42 RCW and this chapter.
(b) License expiration dates will be based on a two-year licensure cycle, expiring on June 30th of odd-numbered years. The license period for an initial license begins the day of the month that payment is received and expires on June 30th of odd-numbered years.
(c) For licenses issued for a period of less than two years, the license fee will be prorated for the remainder of the two-year cycle under WAC 246-338-990.
(d) The department may issue a provisional license valid for a period of up to two years when a medical test site applies for licensure for the first time.
(e) The department will terminate a provisional license at the time a two-year license for the medical test site is issued.
(f) License fees are listed under WAC 246-338-990.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.42.090. WSR 06-15-132, § 246-338-022, filed 7/19/06, effective 8/19/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.42.005, 70.42.060 and chapter 70.42 RCW. WSR 00-06-079, § 246-338-022, filed 3/1/00, effective 4/1/00.]
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