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PDFWAC 246-329-170

Emergency preparedness.

The purpose of this section is to establish and implement a disaster plan designed to meet both internal and external disasters.
Each applicant or licensee shall:
(1) Develop and implement written policies and procedures governing emergency preparedness and fire protection;
(2) Develop an acceptable written plan, periodically rehearsed with personnel, contractors, and volunteers, to be followed in the event of an internal or external emergency, and for the care of casualties of the patient and family, personnel, contractors and volunteers arising from such emergencies; and
(3) Develop a fire protection plan to include:
(a) Instruction for all personnel, contractors or volunteers in use of alarms, firefighting equipment, methods of fire containment, evacuation routes and procedures for calling the fire department and the assignment of specific tasks to all personnel, contractors and volunteers in response to an alarm; and
(b) Semiannual evacuation and fire drills for each shift of personnel.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.46 RCW and RCW 43.70.040. WSR 07-07-075, ยง 246-329-170, filed 3/16/07, effective 4/16/07.]
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