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PDFWAC 246-329-150


The purpose of this section is to assure that client pharmaceutical needs are met in a planned and organized manner.
(1) The licensee shall maintain written prescriptions or orders signed by a practitioner legally authorized to prescribe for all drugs administered to clients within the birth center.
(2) The licensee shall have written policies and procedures addressing the receiving, transcribing, and implementing of orders for administration of drugs.
(3) The licensee shall establish and implement written policies to address the type and intended use of any drug or device to be used by patients within the facility.
(4) The licensee shall assure that only local anesthetics are used.
(5) The licensee shall ensure:
(a) Drugs are only administered by personnel or clinical staff licensed to administer drugs;
(b) Drugs kept anywhere in the center are clearly labeled with drug name, strength, and expiration date;
(c) Expired drugs are removed from the storage units and destroyed properly;
(d) Drugs are stored and secured in specifically designated cabinets, closets, drawers, or storerooms and made accessible only to authorized persons;
(e) Drugs for external use must be stored apart from drugs for internal use;
(f) Poisonous or caustic medications and materials including housekeeping and personal grooming supplies must show proper warning or poison labels and must be stored safely and separately from other medications and food supplies;
(g) Drugs requiring refrigeration must be kept in a separate refrigeration unit according to manufacturer's directions;
(h) Schedule II-IV controlled substances are:
(i) Kept in a separate locked storage unit; and
(ii) If heat sensitive, kept in a locked refrigeration unit;
(i) Schedule II-IV controlled substances no longer needed by the patient must be disposed of in compliance with chapter 246-865 WAC.
(6) If emergency drugs and intravenous fluids are maintained in the facility, these are considered an extension of the drug supply owned by the legally authorized prescribing practitioner; these drugs remain the responsibility of the legally authorized prescribing practitioner.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.46 RCW and RCW 43.70.040. WSR 07-07-075, ยง 246-329-150, filed 3/16/07, effective 4/16/07.]
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