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PDFWAC 246-329-030


The purpose of this section is to provide organizational guidance and oversight and to ensure resources and staff to support safe and adequate patient care.
(1) The birth center shall have a governing body.
(2) The governing body shall be responsible for providing personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, and special services to meet the needs of the clients.
(3) The governing body shall adopt policies for the care of clients within or on the premises of the birth center.
(4) The governing body shall appoint an administrator or director responsible for implementing the policies adopted by the governing body.
(5) The governing body shall establish and maintain a current written organizational plan which includes all positions and delineates responsibilities, authority, and relationship of positions within the birth center.
(6) The governing body shall have the authority and responsibility for appointments and reappointments of clinical staff, approval of written contracts and appointment of contractors, approval of clinical bylaws and to ensure that only members of the clinical staff admit clients to the birth center.
(a) Each birth center shall have access to physician consultation and appropriate clinical services as defined in WAC 246-329-095(2).
(b) Each physician and midwife, including contractors, appointed to the clinical staff shall provide evidence of current licensure in the state of Washington.
(c) Members of the clinical staff shall develop and adopt bylaws, policies, and procedures subject to the approval of the governing body including requirements for clinical staff membership; delineation of clinical privileges and the organization of clinical staff.
(7) The governing body shall be responsible for assuring a quality improvement program is implemented according to WAC 246-329-180.
(8) The governing body shall have responsibility for the legal and financial management of the birth center.
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