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PDFWAC 246-324-230

Food and dietary services.

The licensee shall:
(1) Comply with chapters 246-215 and 246-217 WAC, food service;
(2) Designate an individual responsible for managing and supervising dietary/food services twenty-four hours per day, including:
(a) Incorporating ongoing recommendations of a dietitian;
(b) Serving at least three meals a day at regular intervals with fifteen or less hours between the evening meal and breakfast, unless the licensee provides a nutritious snack between the evening meal and breakfast;
(c) Providing well-balanced meals and nourishments that meet the current recommended dietary allowances of the National Research Council, 10th edition, 1989, adjusted for patient age, sex and activities unless contraindicated;
(d) Making nourishing snacks available as needed for patients, and posted as part of the menu;
(e) Preparing and serving therapeutic diets according to written medical orders;
(f) Preparing and serving meals under the supervision of food service staff;
(g) Maintaining a current diet manual, approved in writing by the dietitian and medical staff, for use in planning and preparing therapeutic diets;
(h) Ensuring all menus:
(i) Are written at least one week in advance;
(ii) Indicate the date, day of week, month and year;
(iii) Include all foods and snacks served that contribute to nutritional requirements;
(iv) Provide a variety of foods;
(v) Are approved in writing by the dietitian;
(vi) Are posted in a location easily accessible to all patients; and
(vii) Are retained for one year;
(3) Substitute foods, when necessary, of comparable nutrient value and record changes on the menu;
(4) Allow sufficient time for patients to consume meals;
(5) Ensure staff from dietary/food services are present in the hospital during all meal times;
(6) Keep policies and procedures pertaining to food storage, preparation, and storage, and cleaning food service equipment and work areas in the food service area for easy reference by dietary staff at all times.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 71.12 RCW and RCW 43.60.040. WSR 95-22-013, ยง 246-324-230, filed 10/20/95, effective 11/20/95.]
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