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PDFWAC 246-310-470

Review and action on health maintenance organization projects.

(1) Undertakings requiring a certificate of need.
A certificate of need shall be required for any undertaking which, in accordance with WAC 246-310-020, is subject to the provisions of chapter 246-310 WAC, unless an exemption has been granted for such undertaking under the provisions of WAC 246-310-040.
(2) Required approval.
The secretary's designee shall issue a certificate of need for a proposed project if the certificate of need applicant for the proposed project is a health maintenance organization or a health care facility controlled (directly or indirectly) by a health maintenance organization and the department finds the proposed project meets the criteria set forth in WAC 246-310-210(5).
(3) Sale, acquisition, or lease of facilities or equipment for which a certificate of need has been issued.
A health care facility (or portion thereof) for which a certificate of need has been issued under the provisions of this section shall not be sold or leased and a controlling interest in such facility or in a lease of the facility shall not be acquired unless an exemption or a certificate of need for such sale, lease, or acquisition has been granted by the secretary's designee.
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