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PDFWAC 246-293-250

Service area agreements—Requirement.

(1) The service area boundaries of public water systems within the critical water supply service area shall be determined by written agreement among the respective existing purveyors and approved by the appropriate legislative authority(ies).
(2) Future service area agreements shall be incorporated into the coordinated water system plan as provided for in the guidelines identified in WAC 248-56-720.
(3) Future service area boundaries of public water systems shall be determined by existing purveyors. Criteria used in the establishment of future service areas should include, but not be limited to: Topography, readiness and ability to provide water, local franchise areas, legal water system boundaries, city limits, future population, land use projections, and sewer service areas.
(4) All future service areas shall not be inconsistent with adopted land use plans, ordinances, and growth policies of cities, towns, and counties, located within the future service area boundaries.
(5) Failure of the legislative authority(ies) to file with the department objections to service area agreements within 60 days of receipt of the agreement shall indicate automatic approval.
(6) If no service area boundary agreement has been established after a conscientious effort by the purveyors within one year of establishment of the external critical water supply service area boundaries, or if the legislative authority(ies) has filed with the department objections in writing, the department shall hold a public hearing.
(7) If a public hearing is required for the establishment of service areas the following procedures shall apply:
(a) The department shall provide notice of the hearing by certified mail to:
(i) Each purveyor providing service in the critical water supply service area,
(ii) Each county legislative authority having jurisdiction in the area, and
(iii) The public pursuant to chapter 65.16 RCW.
(b) The hearing may be continued from time to time.
(c) At the termination of the public hearing, the department may restrict the expansion of service of any purveyor within the external critical water supply service area boundaries if the department finds such restriction necessary to provide the greatest protection of the public health and well-being. (Individual retail or direct service connections shall not be considered an expansion.)
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040. WSR 91-02-049 (Order 121), recodified as § 246-293-250, filed 12/27/90, effective 1/31/91. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.116 RCW. WSR 78-07-048 (Order 1309), § 248-56-730, filed 6/28/78.]
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