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PDFWAC 246-290-470

Uncovered finished water storage facilities.

(1) Existing uncovered finished water storage facilities shall be operated based on a plan of operation approved by the department.
(2) Purveyors with uncovered finished water storage facilities shall have a department-approved plan and schedule to cover all reservoirs on file with the department.
(3) The plan of operation shall address the following elements as a minimum:
(a) Assurance of the means and levels associated with the provision of continuous disinfection at all times water is being delivered to the public, including the reliability provisions outlined in WAC 246-290-420;
(b) Description of the means for control of debris, algal, or other aquatic organism growths, surface water runoff, and atmospheric or avian-borne airborne contamination;
(c) Procedures for ensuring that construction will not lead to reservoir contamination;
(d) Provisions for ensuring adequate security measures are provided; and
(e) Any required, or department-directed, monitoring and reporting.
(4) Systems using uncovered finished water reservoirs must comply with 40 C.F.R. 141.714.
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