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PDFWAC 246-290-130

Source approval.

(1) Every purveyor shall obtain drinking water from the highest quality source feasible. Every purveyor shall, prior to using a source as a public water supply, obtain approval from the department for:
(a) All new sources.
(b) Previously unapproved sources.
(c) Modifications to existing sources.
(2) In no case may a purveyor maintain an intake or other connection between a public water system and a source of water not approved by the department.
(3) Before initiating source development or modification, the purveyor shall contact the department to identify submittal requirements.
(4) Any party seeking source approval shall provide the department sufficient documentation, in a project report, construction documents, or in supplemental documents, that the source:
(a) Is reasonable and feasible for the type and size of the system;
(b) May legally be used in conformance with state water rights laws;
(c) Supplies water that is physically and reliably available in the necessary quantities, as shown in:
(i) A hydrogeologic assessment of the proposed source;
(ii) A general description of the watershed, spring, and/or aquifer recharge area affecting the quantity or quality of flow, which includes seasonal variation and upstream water uses that may significantly affect the proposed source;
(iii) For groundwater and spring sources, well source development data that are available from a pump test at the maximum design rate and duration, or are available from other sources of information, that establish pump settings (depth) in the well and demonstrate adequacy of water quantity to meet design criteria while not leading to water quality problems;
(iv) For groundwater and spring sources, installation of a source meter or other equivalent device that reliably measures volume of flow into the system;
(d) Is, or is not, a GWI under WAC 246-290-640, and meets or can meet the applicable requirements for GWI sources as described in that section including treatment;
(e) Adequately provides for source protection, as shown in:
(i) For surface water and GWI sources, the watershed control program identified under WAC 246-290-135 and Part 6 of this chapter;
(ii) For wells, a preliminary department susceptibility assessment or equivalent information, and preliminary WHPA delineation and contaminant inventory, under the requirements for sanitary control and wellhead protection under WAC 246-290-135;
(f) Is designed and constructed in conformance with this chapter, and relevant requirements of chapter 173-160 WAC (department of ecology well construction standards);
(g) Meets water quality standards under WAC 246-290-310, as shown in an initial water quality analysis that includes, at a minimum, the following:
(i) Bacteriological, in addition to water quality standards under WAC 246-290-310, the raw water coliform source sample must be satisfactory;
(ii) Complete inorganic chemical and physical except that the MCL for arsenic under WAC 246-290-310 does not apply to TNC systems;
(iii) Complete VOC;
(iv) Radionuclides, if source approval is requested for a community system;
(v) SOC, except where waived or not required under WAC 246-290-300;
(vi) Contaminants with a SAL, as required under WAC 246-290-300(10) except where waived or not applicable under WAC 246-290-300 (10)(h); and
(vii) Any other information required by the department relevant to the circumstances of the particular source.
(h) Sources that otherwise would not meet water quality standards under WAC 246-290-310 or that have unsatisfactory raw water coliform source samples may be approved if treatment is provided.
(5) The required documentation under subsection (3) of this section must include, at a minimum:
(a) A water right self-assessment;
(b) A map showing the project location and vicinity;
(c) A map depicting topography, distances to the surface water intake, well or spring from existing property lines, buildings, potential sources of contamination, ditches, drainage patterns, and any other natural or man-made features affecting the quality or quantity of water;
(d) The dimensions, location, and legal documentation of the SCA under WAC 246-290-135;
(e) A copy of the on-site inspection form completed by the department or local health department representative;
(f) A copy of the water well report including the unique well identification tag number, depth to open interval or top of screened interval, overall depth of well from the top of the casing, vertical elevation, and location (both plat location and latitude/longitude); and
(g) Documentation of source meter installation. The purveyor may utilize other documents, such as a water system plan, susceptibility assessment, wellhead protection program, project report, or construction documents, to provide the documentation and information to the department, provided that the documents are current, and the purveyor indicates the location in the document of the relevant information.
(6) If treatment of a source is necessary to meet water quality standards, the purveyor may be required to meet the provisions of WAC 246-290-250 and Part 6 of this chapter, if applicable, prior to or as a condition of approval.
(7) An intertie must be adequately described in a written agreement between the purveyor and the supplier of the water, and otherwise meet the requirements of WAC 246-290-132.
(8) The purveyor shall not construct facilities for source development and use without prior approval of the department pursuant to the provisions of WAC 246-290-120.
(9) The purveyor may request a conditional source approval, such as one that sets limits on use or requires interim treatment, if further analysis of the quality of the source is required before final approval.
(10) For sources or supplies of water used by bottled water or ice plants to produce bottled water or ice:
(a) If the bottled water or ice plant is a Group A community water system and the plant uses the system's source for the water that is bottled or made into ice, the source and supply used for the bottled water and ice must meet the applicable Group A requirements;
(b) If the bottled water or ice plant uses its own source for the water that is bottled or made into ice, and the plant is not a Group A community water system, the owner or operator shall obtain source approval from the department, and the source water must meet the ongoing source water quality monitoring requirements for a Group A community system;
(c) If the bottled water or ice plant purchases the water for bottling or making ice from another source or supply, the water must meet the minimum requirements for a Group A community water system, and the owner or operator of the plant shall ensure that the water meets the requirements;
(d) The source or supply for the water that is bottled or made into ice must be protected from contamination prior to the bottling or ice making process; and
(e) In addition to the requirements imposed under this subsection, the processing of bottled water is subject to regulation by the state department of agriculture and the United States Food and Drug Administration.
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