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PDFWAC 246-272B-02400

LOSS constructed on or before July 1, 1984.

(1) The owner of a LOSS constructed on or before July 1, 1984, who does not have an operating permit issued by the department shall submit:
(a) A completed application on a form provided by the department;
(b) Copies of all available design and construction documentation, including previous design and construction reviews of the LOSS by the department of ecology or local health jurisdiction;
(c) A copy of any permit previously issued by the department of ecology or a local health jurisdiction; and
(d) The annual operating permit fee established in chapter 246-272 WAC, Wastewater and reclaimed water use fees.
(2) The department shall review the application and all other documents submitted and may issue an operating permit unless there is a current known failure. The operating permit may have conditions including, but not limited to, the following owner requirements:
(a) Submit inspection results prepared, stamped, signed, and dated by a design engineer that identify and map the basic treatment elements of the LOSS;
(b) Submit an SRS;
(c) Submit an engineering evaluation prepared, stamped, signed, and dated by a design engineer to verify that the LOSS is operating properly to treat sewage, and protect public health and the environment;
(d) Submit an O&M manual; or
(e) Prohibit additional connections to the LOSS until the owner demonstrates that the LOSS treatment process, drainfield, and reserve area meet requirements specified in WAC 246-272B-06050, 246-272B-06100, and 246-272B-06250 through 246-272B-06500.
(3) If the LOSS is failing, the owner shall comply with the requirements in WAC 246-272B-07450.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.118B.020. WSR 11-12-035, ยง 246-272B-02400, filed 5/25/11, effective 7/1/11.]
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