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PDFWAC 246-260-9901


(1) construction permit fees. The department establishes the fees listed in Table 990.1 for construction permits for carrying out its duties under WAC 246-260-021.
(a) The applicant must submit the base fee to the department prior to plan review initiation.
(b) Hourly charges for plan review will be charged regardless of whether the construction permit is issued or not.
(c) The department will issue the construction permit once full payment has been received.
(d) The applicant must pay the costs of a safety engineer to review plans when department determines need per WAC 246-260-021(4).
TABLE 990.1
type of facility
construction permit plan
review fees
Swimming Pools
100,000 gallons or more in volume
$ 800.00 plus
$ 99/hr. for all hours of review time greater than 8 hours
Swimming Pools less than 100,000 gallons, Spa Pools, and Recirculating Spray Pools
$ 400.00 plus
$ 99/hr. for all hours of review time greater than 4 hours
Wading Pools and Nonrecirculating Spray Pools
$ 200.00 plus
$ 99/hr. for all hours of review time greater than 2 hours
Alterations, renovations, or modifications to existing swimming, spa, wading or spray pools $ 100.00 plus $ 99/hr. for all hours of review time greater than 1 hour.
(2) operating permit fees The department establishes the fees listed in Table 990.2 for operating permits for carrying out its duties under WAC 246-260-101.
TABLE 990.2
Type + Number of Facilities
Single Swim Pool
Single Spa Pool
Single Wading Pool
Spray Pool or Pools
Each Additional Swim, Spa, or Wading Pool
Operating Permit 0-6 month
$ 291.00
$ 255.00
$ 211.00
$ 105.00
$ 63.00
Operating Permit 6-12 months
$ 477.00
$ 424.00
$ 371.00
$ 159.00
$ 84.00
(3) Other Terms and Conditions:
The department may charge an additional fee of $87 plus associated laboratory costs for any inspections beyond those provided under the annual operating permit when necessary due to violations of such items as (a) noncompliance with water quality standards, and (b) failure to comply with operational requirements for health and safety.
The department may charge an alternate annual fee for an operating permit based on direct and indirect costs associated with issuance of the permit when arrangements are made with local health jurisdictions to administer all or portions of the duties associated with the operating permit. Except, that the fee for this operating permit cannot exceed the cost established by the previous portions of this regulation, but the fee may be less.
During the first year of development of the operating permit and for new pool facilities built hereafter, or pools temporarily closed (significant period of several months) and reopened, there are provisions for prorating the costs for the operating permits.
A reduction in fees, up to but not exceeding thirty percent, may be granted by the department when a facility operator can demonstrate a satisfactory level of training in pool safety, water quality, maintenance and operations. The department will develop criteria for these fee reductions within six months of the adoption of this regulation.
For limited use facilities requiring operating permits which are serving less than fifteen living units, the operating permit shall be fifty percent of the fee. However, the department may charge a reinspection fee if necessary under (a) of other terms and conditions.
Fees for multiple facilities at the same physical location shall have a maximum fee cap as follows: Seasonal (0-6 months) WRF's: $774 note: The third and subsequent pool/spa at the same location will be charged $51 for each additional pool/spa.
Year around (˃6 months) WRF's $1032 note: The third and subsequent pool/spa at the same physical location will be charged $67 for each additional pool/spa.
(4) Examples of Fees Charged:
If more than one pool at a facility and one is a year-round pool and another is a seasonal pool—year-round pool is base cost, seasonal pool is charged at additional fee charge. For example: Year-round spa = $424 plus seasonal swimming pool is $63 = $487 total operating permits.
If a single swimming pool and a single spa pool is used at the facility, the fee schedule will include fees as noted. For a 0-6 month permit, the primary fee for the single swimming would be $291 and the spa pool would be viewed as the second pool at the facility and would have a fee of $63, total operating permit fees would be $354.
If there are 12 pools/spas at a single year-around pool facility, the fee cap would apply and the maximum fee of $1032 would be charged. ($477 base fee, $84 for first additional pool/spa, $67 for the remaining ten year-around pools/spas (10 x $67 = $670)) Total fee before fee cap = $477 + $84 + $670 = $1231. After fee cap the total fee = $1032. If approved training were credited to this facility for the maximum 30% discount, the 30% would be applied to the fee cap fee of $1032; $1032 - 30% = $723.
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