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PDFWAC 246-260-021

Construction permit.

(1) Prior to construction, alteration or modification of a WRF pool, except for routine maintenance, an owner shall obtain a construction permit. In order to obtain a construction permit, the owner shall submit a completed application package to the department or local health officer for review and approval. The application package shall include:
(a) A completed construction permit application form obtained from the department or local health officer; and
(b) Three sets of plans and specifications prepared, stamped and signed by an engineer or architect.
(2) Plans must be drawn to scale and in sufficient detail to completely illustrate that construction is in compliance with this chapter. The plans shall include:
(a) One plan view;
(b) One or more cross-sections through the main drain;
(c) Overall plan showing the pool in relation to other facilities in the area;
(d) Detailed view of the equipment layout and the associated room or location;
(e) A piping schematic showing piping configuration, pipe size, valves, inlets, main drains, over flow outlets, make-up water, and backwash from the filter;
(f) Dimensional drawings of pool bottom and sidewalls;
(g) Specifications of all required components; and
(h) Other information requested by the department or local health officer.
(3) Only applications and plans that the department or local health officer determines are complete may be considered for permit approval or denial. The department or the local health officer shall approve or deny a complete application within thirty days.
(4) Owners may submit a construction permit application proposing a WRF that incorporates innovative design features not specifically covered by these regulations or chapter 246-262 WAC. At least thirty days prior to development of final plans and specifications, the owner shall present their proposal at a preliminary design conference with the department or local health officer. The owners or their architects or engineers shall address the health and safety issues, including maintenance and operation of the proposed innovative design, and good engineering practice. The department or local health officer may require additional information and additional review or justification by a safety engineer or other qualified individual before approving or denying the application. An application for a construction permit for a water recreation facility may not be approved unless, notwithstanding a noncompliant design, the health and safety purposes behind the requirements of this chapter would be met. An applicant (or the architect or engineer acting on behalf of the applicant) shall provide adequate documentation to meet these requirements including, but not limited to:
(a) Protection from drowning, diving injury, entrapment, impact or falling hazards, tripping or slipping hazards;
(b) Maintenance of water and air quality, including equivalent disinfection, filtration, control of pH, physical water conditions, water clarity and prevention of contamination to preclude illness;
(c) Age appropriate designs and means to control these features for the appropriate range of users.
(5) Owners shall ensure any WRF construction, modification, or alteration is completed according to approved plans and specifications.
(6) Upon completion of WRF construction, modification, or alteration and before an operating permit is issued, owners shall:
(a) Submit to the department or local health officer a construction report signed by an engineer or architect stating that to the best of the engineer's or architect's knowledge and belief, the installation is in compliance with the approved plans. The engineer's and architect's certification of the above condition in no way relieves any other party from meeting requirements imposed by contract or other regulations, including commonly accepted industry practice; and
(b) Notify the department or local health officer at least five working days before intended use of the facility.
(7) The construction permit issued by the department or local health officer is valid eighteen months. The department or local health officer may grant construction permit renewals which are valid for one year. The owner is responsible to resubmit for a reapplication for a construction permit.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.90 and 43.20 RCW. WSR 04-18-096, ยง 246-260-021, filed 9/1/04, effective 10/31/04.]
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