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PDFWAC 246-236-061

Inspection and maintenance.

(1) The licensee shall perform inspection and maintenance checks that include, as a minimum, each of the following at the frequency specified in the license or license application:
(a) Operability of each aspect of the access control system required under WAC 246-236-023;
(b) Functioning of the source position indicator required under WAC 246-236-031(2);
(c) Operability of the radiation monitor for radioactive contamination in pool water required under WAC 246-236-059(2) using a radiation check source, if applicable;
(d) Operability of the over-pool radiation monitor at underwater irradiators as required under WAC 246-236-029(2);
(e) Operability of the product exit monitor required under WAC 246-236-029(1);
(f) Operability of the emergency source return control required under WAC 246-236-031(3);
(g) Leak-tightness of systems through which pool water circulates (visual inspection);
(h) Operability of the heat and smoke detectors and extinguisher system required under WAC 246-236-027 (but without turning extinguishers on);
(i) Operability of the means of pool water replenishment required under WAC 246-236-033(3);
(j) Operability of the indicators of high and low pool water levels required under WAC 246-236-033(4);
(k) Operability of the intrusion alarm required under WAC 246-236-023(9), if applicable;
(l) Functioning and wear of the system, mechanisms, and cables used to raise and lower sources;
(m) Condition of the barrier to prevent products from hitting the sources or source mechanism as required under WAC 246-236-035;
(n) Amount of water added to the pool to determine if the pool is leaking;
(o) Electrical wiring on required safety systems for radiation damage;
(p) Pool water conductivity measurements and analysis as required under WAC 246-236-063(2).
(2) Malfunctions and defects found during inspection and maintenance checks must be repaired without undue delay.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050, 70.98.110 and 58 F.R. 7728, 76 F.R. 56963, 77 F.R. 39906, 80 F.R. 54234. WSR 18-15-017, ยง 246-236-061, filed 7/9/18, effective 8/9/18.]
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